'A Correspondent World': Hartley Coleridge's imaginative imports
Romantic Imports and Exports: BARS International Biennial Conference
University of Southampton, 25th-28th July 2013

Identifying 'Fairy land' in Sara Coleridge's poetry
NAVSA/BAVS/AVSA: The Global and the Local
Universit√† Ca’ Foscari, Venice, 3rd-7th June 2013


'My own separate fantasy': finding the Romantic sublime in Skyrim (2011) and Dear Esther (2008)
KPA Conference
Keele University, 27th March 2013

Collaborative Projects
Staffordshire Archives Local History Day
Kingsway House, Staffordshire County Council, 9th March 2013

Finding identity in inbetween spaces
Chawton House Library Fellows' Research Seminar
Chawton House Library, 19th February 2013

Hartley Coleridge's Sublime Spaces
Romantic Realignments
University of Oxford, 24th January 2013

'Something about a little girl': Christabel, Christabel and the Coleridge legacy
North West Long Nineteenth Century Seminar
University of Salford, 9th January 2013

Hartley Coleridge: A Fairy in Fairy land?
Gladtone Library Colloquium
Gladstone's Library, 23rd-25th November 2012

Pixies and hobgoblins: Hartley Coleridge’s stay in Fairyland
Midlands Romantic Seminar: Romantic Legacies
Nottingham Trent University, 26th October 2012

“My Father’s favourite child”: negotiating the legacy of ‘Christabel’ in the Coleridge family’s poetry
Coleridge Summer Conference
The Friends of Coleridge, 23rd-27th July 2012

Stitching and scribbling: Fanny Brawne as poetess in Jane Campion’s Bright Star
‘Viewer, I married him:’ Reading (Re)productions of the long nineteenth century in period drama
The University of Hull, 29th June 2012

The transition of debt between Lord Byron and Samuel Taylor Coleridge
The Early Careers and Postgraduate Conference for the British Association of Romantic Studies.
Newcastle University, 1st June 2012

“The inheritrix of his mind”: Sara Coleridge’s (re-)presentation of her father
Research Institute for Humanities Postgraduate Symposium
Keele University
, 24th May 2012

“Give me life”: the resurrecting power of Hartley and Sara Coleridge’s memories of their father
The Nineteenth Century Memory: Approaches and Appropriations
Leeds Trinity University College
, 3rd March 2012

“A shabby fellow”: the transition of debt between Lord Byron and Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Byron: Romantic Icon Student Conference
Edge Hill University
, 25th May 2011

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